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It Was Always You by KyrstReality
It Was Always You
Inspired by:
It was always you - Maroon 5

Wish I could rock hair like that. The purple-y black hair I mean. I basically have blondie's hair. But I'm too pale and tomato-y... XD

I guess neon green can be a good wall color XD
If I Were A Zombie... by KyrstReality
If I Were A Zombie...
...I'd never eat your brain. (I'd just want your heart...)

Inspired by:
The Zombie Song - Stephanie Mabey

Was goofing off since I couldn't sleep yet and came up with this (unfinished) piece. I haven't done this kind of style before. but I thought it looked okay for what it was. Or at least on my tablet...

Because why not.
Kiss me down by the broken tree house (UNFINISHED) by KyrstReality
Kiss me down by the broken tree house (UNFINISHED)
Inspired by:
Kiss Me - Sixpence none the richer

I am so over this picture right now. Been working on it for two days non-stop and it's grating on me but if I don't throw it up now, I'll never finish it. (Though I'm not even sure if I should bother anymore.) Try not to judge me too hard... :,(

Fanart for Dragon Age: Inquisition of Sera and Ryanne Trevelyan on a wooden wheel with a pillow because they don't have tires. ;P
Break Free From These Chains by KyrstReality
Break Free From These Chains
Inspired by
Machines - Crown the Empire

Upgraded. (Still different colors on each of my three monitors but I was working off of my tablet so it looked decent on there ;P) Not sure if I'll do a background or not.
I've had an account for months but haven't uploaded anything so here's to starting!  Most of this stuff comes back from a few years ago (before I had a Wacom ;) so a lot will be iPad vectors. I'm working on creating some new works using Sketchbook Designer (if anyone knows of something better that isn't super complicated I'm open to input!) so don't worry!  They will eventually get better! ;P 
Oh, and please comment on my works! (Well, when the actual stuff comes out lol) I don't appreciate flaming (does anyone?) but I enjoy positive and constructive feedback :)  Plus it'll inspire me to keep going!  Instead of just falling back to playing a video game...(Damn Bioware games...)

Here's to new and hopeful beginnings!


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